Ageing gracefully

Caring is a way of life...

College Sweethearts, and natural innovators, Glen & Dr. Janee Henderson have always let their passion for sports, fitness, health and wellness determine their path in life. As newlyweds, Glen, an international business major, and Janee, a Doctor of Chiropractic, moved from the state of Georgia to England where they opened their first business, a family chiropractic office. Following the birth of their son in 2002, Glen and Janee found themselves drawn to the early childhood industry. They saw a lack of structured motor -development opportunities for young children. Despite all advice from friends and family, the Henderson’s took a leap of faith, sold their successful private practice and moved to Southern California where they launched their second business, Amazing Athletes.

Amazing Athletes is a sport -based motor development program designed to help children 3 to 6 master their motor -skills through fun, sport -based classes designed to build their confidence and instill lifelong skills. After two years of steady growth, the Henderson’s were asked to share their success through the franchise process. Today, Amazing Athletes is an international franchise which is still in operation today.

In 2012, after watching their grandparents struggle with decreased health and diminished mobility, Glen and Janee began brainstorming how to bring a similar concept to the senior community in order to help them maintain mobility, independence, confidence and introduce sports back in their life. Four years later, Janee taught the first Super Seniors Sports class ever at a local recreation center and the rest is history.